Birth Consciousness,Formative Consciousness and the

Divine Feminine: Towards an Integral Futurology

Just as there has been a time when human life and mind were not embodied on earth, the higher planes of consciousness may also be waiting their time to become a part of our ordinary embodied reality. The human body in symbiosis with Nature and cosmos provides a universal ontology for establishing a higher order of consciousness; a state of creative potentiality marked by a common primal power that inhabits and informs the prima materia of all living organisms. Situating the body in an active site of primal consciousness (Nature) and embodying our formative consciousness (Origin), we influence everything germinal to becoming human. Participation in this context could be said to characterize the fullness of integral consciousness. Through such participation, one could discover a source of wholeness ordering one’s existence and expression that knows no human, theoretical, temporal or spatial differentiation.