Topic #1

How do we Embody Cosmic Consciousness for Evolutionary Thrust and Flow?

 The closest concept we have for cosmic self is the notion of “ecological self’ or “Gaia oneness” which comes from the philosophy of Deep Ecology and Gai Theory. It is a sense of self that extends beyond one’s egoic, biographic, or personal sense of self, to include both the human, and the nonhuman world. This can also be referred to as ‘cosmic self.” It is to feel oneself as a wide, expansive or “ecological self,” which ultimately includes all life forms, ecosystems, and the Earth itself. Feeling an emotional resonance with other life-forms, including the Earth, is the actual art of embodying cosmic consciousness. We perceive ourselves to be similar, related to, or identical with other life-forms. This becomes our individuation; the individual, the ecological and the cosmic at the same time. When we come into coherence with the ecological system, we naturally embed ourselves within cosmic consciousness. We allow the cosmic consciousness to enter into our very being, and allow it to transform us in every respect. This cosmic consciousness is beyond all rational/intellectual processes, yet upholds all processes, and creates new processes not yet present in consciousness. It is the integral structure of consciousness referred to in the work of congenial thinkers, Sri Aurobindo, Jean Gebser and Teilhard de Chardin.