Humanity has cosmic origins and reimagining our techno-industrial presence on the Earth means entering into a renewed participation in the story of the universe. This means opening to a human individuation that does not privilege technology over Nature, or intelligent machines over human species wisdom. We need a human individuation where the fullness of human consciousness, creativity and expression, can mutually co- exist and co-evolve.
As humans we now have unprecedented access to transformative power and wisdom. Drawing upon the biological and human sciences, and including new fields like epigenetics, we are revealing the body’s capacity for creative change and transformation. This new capacity for transformation means that we are no longer seen as puppets of our DNA. This means we can become participants in own self creation. This is in stark contrast to the biology as destiny view, where genes override choice. Unless we consciously embody the fullness of our human expression – a full picture of the evolutionary potential of our human species cannot be attained.
The nature of evolutionary consciousness that is urgently pressing towards humanity cannot be assimilated through rational intellect. We are finally coming to understand that the mind’s impressions do not see the full creation of life correctly. Because bodily structures and processes are mutable and interactive with the molecular dimensions of life, our body serves as the best ground for this mediation to occur. A mutable body is fluid and plastic- open to evolutionary flow, in concert with a rapidly changing biosphere. A rigid body on the other hand, is tight and compartmentalized – desensitized against the essential coupling that is necessary for the blueprints of life.
As a culture, we are living out our breaking of the natural bond between the macrocosm and the microcosm, which leads to a breaking of the crucial bond between our habitation of the planet, and its ecosystems. I feel it is imperative to our human survival that we consciously live out our deepest identity as an embedded aspect of Nature that birthed us. This identity returns us to our cosmic origins, and situates us in the deepest bond we can possibly have not only with Nature, but with all life processes. This is the first step in reimagining and revisioning our human presence on the Earth.