We know from a mounting body of clinical research that psychedelic experiences have a tremendous potential to unlock our deepest creativity, empathy, and connectedness to
Nature. When used intentionally, and integrated properly, they can help us feel deep
compassion for other beings, other species, and the Earth itself. In this context, we can say
that psychedelic medicine can help us unlock our innate capacity to both imagine and
embody a new future.

While spirituality transcends the ordinary experience, psychedelics can transcend the human
experience as a mystical or even cosmic co-emergence. They readily deconstruct our human-
based categorizations, and affirm the inter-connectedness at the root of our existence. In this
way, psychedelics can be a sacred tool to evolve ourselves. The human condition is neither a
destiny nor an end point. It is a temporary manifestation of an ever evolving and unlimited
possibility. We are never just human; we are always an inter-planetary being and becoming.