The ability to remain open to the world, with all it’s light and shadow, while still being able to connect to and cultivate a loving, relationship to our bodies and the Earth, is the challenging reality of our time.

The fear we feel in response to the ailing Earth, and the decline of species affects us on every level; It is our instinctual response to shut down. However, when we choose to shut down in response to the fear, we shut ourselves off from the flow of living energy that surrounds us. Diverse streams of living intelligence which are crucial for adaptive responses to a changing biosphere.  An evolutionary thrust and flow, that is crucial for us as to reclaim, for we live in uncertain times.

We know the human mind and body has been shaped for thousands of years from the world around us; we emerged as the extension of planetary process. Both our mental health and well being are tied into, and can not be separated from the Earth.